For ten years now I have been trying to become a national bridge champion. I’ve practiced online every day for two hours, taken lessons, and read tons of books and articles. Just like golf, there are three major bridge championships each year. Around seven thousand people come to these tournaments. 

My problem had always been that things feel “different” at these tournaments. I would miss obvious plays and get nervous. 

I then decided to try a sports shrink and found Gabrielle. We talked about ten times before my next tournament. Once I was at the card tables my focus was better, but I couldn’t really tell the difference at the beginning. As the week wore on, I could see myself in a calm place. 

At the end, we missed out on a world championship by less than one point. Thanks to Gabriele I have a new beginning. 

- Michael R.

Dr. Goodman has been one of the most influential, kind, and respectful individuals in my life so far. Since I began attending sessions during my sophomore year of high school, Dr. Goodman has played an instrumental role in guiding me through various aspects of my life, including academic, athletics, personal mental health, difficult friendships, and family communication. The impact of Dr. Goodman's guidance and therapy on my life has been nothing short of transformative. Not only did my swim performance improve under her guidance, but she also helped me develop a healthier mindset regarding friendships and strengthened my relationship with my family. Her expertise and support have benefited me in ways that are difficult to put into words. After graduation, my needs in therapy shifted dramatically as I moved to college. Despite this, our relationship not only continued, but strengthened as Dr. Goodman conducted amazing therapy sessions over Zoom. We discussed my frustrations with my education and issues surrounding body image. She gave me the motivation to transfer and pursue better and exciting options, even though they were intimidating at the time. As I approach graduation from college, I want to emphasize that Dr. Goodman is not just a helpful figure in my life but also an influential one. Her guidance has fueled my passion and shaped my aspirations for a career in therapy. I am inspired to carry forward her remarkable qualities of passion, love, and care into my own future as a therapist. I know that Dr. Goodman will always be in my life, being a supportive friend and mentor throughout the whole journey. I am beyond appreciative and grateful for everything Dr. Goodman has done for me.

- Josie C.

Hi Dr. Goodman, I wanted to say how much I appreciate you and have learned a lot from you! With my new athlete clients, I talk to them about transferring the skills and values with sports to their everyday lives, so you have played a huge role in my growth!

- Suzzette R.

I have had the privilege to work with Dr. Goodman for around 3 years now. Every encounter has been extremely beneficial to my mental health journey. Having continued our sessions, I can appreciate her ability to know her clients and respect exactly where they’re at currently. Looking to use new techniques to enhance her clients’ experience, I personally have been able to see her advocate for different therapy methods from many different backgrounds. With her clients’ wellbeing at the forefront of her work, I would hope to have more people connect with her and be able to appreciate the work that she has put into her natural skillset.

- Koby M.

Gabriele has been an absolute life changer. I first reached out to her feeling very hopeless and desperate about an ankle injury that still wasn’t healed after 2 years. I have always been an avid runner and hiker - the injury restricted me from major parts of my life that I felt made me myself and made me happy. Besides my injury, I was also dealing with stress from law school, issues with negative body image, and a resulting poor relationship with food.

Thanks to Gabriele, my mindset has shifted on all fronts. Although there are still times I don’t feel myself, or I get stuck comparing my life now to that in the past, I have the tools to combat those negative thoughts and center myself in the present. Gabriele has helped me look inward, give myself grace, and remain steady even in the most turbulent times. No matter if the session was mainly my venting or a relaxed guided meditation, I always left feeling lighter. Her humor and welcoming nature oftentimes made it feel like I was just going over to a friend’s to chat – but it was so much more. 

Therapy in general has also been invaluable for the way it has taught me more about myself, my thought processes, why I react to situations to way I do, and how to accept myself fully. Gabriele does a great job with both providing the tools to help work through various struggles and explaining the psychology behind each practice.  

Not only has Gabriele helped with intrapersonal conflicts, but I also have her to thank for strengthening other relationships in my life. Upon expressing some points of tension between my partner and me during a session, Gabriele kindly offered to sit down with both of us in a couples therapy test-run. I gladly took her up on the offer and could not be more grateful. My partner and I each had our own individual perspectives on what were reasonable wants or needs in a relationship, but the opportunity to voice those feelings to a third party was incredibly beneficial. Gabriele helped us understand where the other was coming from and how to find a middle ground for compromise. She also taught us new communication tools, which are invaluable to the way we now handle conflicts. It also made us a huge fan of couples therapy in general – especially when used to create a solid foundation before issues arise. 

 I also really appreciate how Gabriele made it known she was always available when needed, and for being flexible whenever I had scheduling issues arise. Overall, I could not be more happy with what I have gained from my time with Gabriele - and my therapy journey in general. Sadly, I do not live in the Bay Area anymore, but it is a great comfort to know Gabriele is still there for me whenever I may need her. 

 -Eliane L. 

Dr. Gabriele Goodman (Dr. Gabi, as my kids call her) has worked with my teen daughters for the past couple of years.  My oldest daughter had severe social anxiety and anxiety surrounding school and friendships.  She asked for a therapist and researched them herself.  Fortuitously, she found Dr. Gabi, and let's just say that my daughter is now the life of the party and I regularly have adults comment to me about her maturity and level of engagement.  Before working with Dr. Gabi, she would panic over having to text or make a phone call.  And now she's negotiating fundraisers, getting straight As, and has sorted out her friendships in a healthy way.   With her newfound confidence and a smile on her face, she is now applying to college to study psychology. My younger daughter lives in a pressure cooker of academics and high-level sports.  Sadly, her world is also filled with "mean girl" antics and negative coaching experiences.  With Dr. Gabi's help, she is now a better-adjusted student and athlete and has remarkably improved self-esteem.  What's even more valuable to me is that Dr. Gabi has taught them life skills and productive ways to manage the issues that come with any of life's upheavals.  Thanks to Dr. Gabi's efforts, inspiration, and motivation, they are happier and far better prepared to enter adulthood.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

 -Bob L. 

I seriously don’t know where I’d be without your empathy, understanding, feedback, insight, and most of all compassion. I don’t think you realize just how impactful and instrumental you are in helping me and others out. You deserve all that love and compassion you’re getting back. 

 -Mathias T.


- Jack  L.

In my daughter's Freshman Year of high school, I could sense that my happy, out-going, social and conscientious girl was showing signs of withdrawal, sadness, pessimism and lethargy. I had shared my concern's about my daughter's troubling demeanor with a friend whose daughter struggled with similar symptoms. My friend advised me to reach out to the therapist who had helped her daughter to manage her similar feelings. Within seconds of their first interaction, my daughter immediately felt connected to Dr. Goodman. Dr. Goodman (Gabby) empowered my daughter with strategies to help her to acknowledge her feelings, to identify the sources behind her feelings and how to navigate through these unwanted feelings. My daughter shared with me that she felt that Gabby is a safe place for her to share her thoughts without the fear of judgement or shame. My daughter also feels that Gabby is relatable, trustworthy, kind, humorous and honest. My daughter appreciates Gabby's unique ability to always make her feel special, heard and important. Gabby is a true gift to my daughter. Under Gabby's guidance, I have watched my daughter's confidence soar, her smile get brighter and her belief in her abilities heighten. Gabby has an innate ability to help my daughter to realize the depth of her potential and to accept that she deserves happiness. As a mother, you want your child to feel happy, connected and self-assured and, with Gabby's support, my daughter has found her smile, again.


Members of my family at one time or another have visited dr Goodman. Our eldest daughter started seeing her during high school to help with navigating friendships and general stress of school. As her visits went on it became very apparent that our daughter became much more confident, communicative and able to manage all the stresses of high school. Even more evident was her improvement in her sport. She is involved in a competitive sport and we have seen her not only drastically improve but she also rediscovered her love for the sport. Dr Goodman gives her very tangible and useful tools and techniques to apply what they talk about. While we thought she would attend a few visits we quickly learned that Dr Goodman was available for all of the family at various times. Our youngest saw her to help with grieving. My husband saw her for how to communicate with teenage daughters and I saw her for adapting to a new job. Dr Goodman is easy to talk to, provides real solutions and checks up on you. In our house we think of Dr Goodman as a therapist, sports psychologist and all around life coach.

-Karen C.

Dr. Goodman is truly an amazing woman who is a master at her craft. I started seeing her almost 2 years ago and starting therapy with her was one of the best things I've done. Not only have I noticed a change in myself, but my closet friends have commented on the positive change Gabby has had on me. She has helped me navigate my mid 20's whether it be friendships, romantic relationships, my family dynamics or even my career moves. She holds me accountable and is an amazing sounding board for tough conversations and figuring out next steps that I've struggled asking for help with. She's challenges me, she's holds no judgement and I feel safe turning to her with everything. She has given me permission to grow in ways I didn't know I needed. Thanks Gabby :)

-Helen N.

After searching far and wide for an understanding, authentic, and no BS therapist, I finally located Dr. G, and have felt so at home with her. She is straightforward, honest, funny, and present. She truly listens, makes me laugh at myself, and gives me homework which I have to be accountable for. Dr. G brings her whole self into the room and stresses how much we are in a partnership so I feel responsible, yet held safely, for my own forward progress.

-William B.

Gabriele has proved to be exactly what I needed to effectively walk through the trials of life. She has successfully navigated me through the anxiety and chronic pain of two knee injuries, which required patella ligament reconstruction surgery on each knee, a change in career, and a cross country move. Recently, she has assisted with the transition from a single working professional to a married professional with three step children. She has also assisted me with how to handle difficult and stressful events with regard to family and even those outside of my family. I would not have been able to navigate these difficult challenges without the true and caring guidance of Gabriele. She has truly been my coach and my cheerleader

-.Mary M.

I have known Gabriele Goodman since September 2006 when I hired her to be my life coach.. Gabriele’s performance as my life coach has been outstanding.. Although my background is in law, not psychology, it is apparent to me that Gabriele really “knows her stuff,” and her coaching for me has been very effective as a result. So much of life is mental and emotional. It takes discipline and courage, especially the latter for me as I am an anxious and fearful person. Gabriele helped me to navigate these challenges, not only with detailed plans but also with over-the-phone and in-person counseling sessions, sometimes using bio-feedback. 

In the process, Gabriele helped me to become stronger, physically and emotionally, than I ever thought I could become.. She is very bright, very wise and very self-aware. She is the most authentic person I know. She cares deeply about other people and takes sincere pleasure in helping them.

-Brittany C.

Hello my name is Kathy. I am in my later 50's,a wife and mother of 4 adult children. I love people and I love children. With this being said, I found a great interest in working with children in an educational setting. I was hired by the school district in my area and worked as a paraprofessional in the special education department. I enjoyed my job very much for many years. I felt great about what I had to offer the students, academically as well as personally. Many students in my classes were in foster care or had some very rough past experiences in life at very young ages. I felt so much compassion for those kids. Heart breaking at times.

Almost exactly 5 years ago, while working in a classroom of middle school students, I was physically assaulted by 2 students. This traumatic experience left me broken physically and broken mentally. With several surgeries to my spine and a lot of very hard and painful physical therapy, I moved past the physical part of the experience. But the mental nightmare continued to control my thoughts and my life. It was life changing for me. Anxiety became my new norm and I found myself in desperate need of reassurance and understanding from those people around me that saw the compassion I use to have for life completely vanish. It was a very difficult time for me.

I feel so fortunate that I was able to reach out for help and connect with Dr. Goodman. Thank god she was put in my path as I desperately needed understanding in my life as well as some type of solution or answers as to what was happening to me. My self image was so low and I truly did not understand what was happening inside. Depression and PTSD.......I was truly hopeless inside. I began to isolate as it was easier for me to deal with my fears behind closed doors, at home, where I would not face any triggers. Triggers included large crowds, certain types of people, loud noises, being confined and not being able to get away, certain physical movements ......all triggers for incessant panic attacks. 

It's a very hard place to get past, but I did it!! With direction and support from Dr. Goodman, I made it! With lots and lots of hard work and determination, I've learned how to manage my feelings, my anxieties, and I've learned how to sort through my thought process. I now know what are real and progressive positive thoughts and what are just thoughts that have no merit. I have been taught several was to divert my anxiety. Breathing and focus on self at that moment are so important. Dr. Goodman has taught me so much about myself! She has taught me to use meditation and relaxation exercises to self-regulate my fight or flight response. She has taught me how to write down feelings and thoughts, to use those lists of thoughts to help understand why I feel and react the way that I do. She has taught me the tools to push through life as a stronger and much happier person.....compassion and understanding is what Dr. Goodman embodies. I am thankful for all that she has given me - the ability to get back to being a thriving human being. Trust. Thank you Dr. Goodman!

-Kathy A.

I was referred to Dr. Goodman by a dear friend who was very pleased with the results she had as a result of a few sessions with Dr. Goodman. I was in a bad place in my life and decided I needed to see someone myself. I was suffering from chronic pain due to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome. arthritis, and a knee replacement that did not go well. As a result of the constant pain and pain medication, I had become relatively inactive, and was getting heavier and progressively more depressed. I got to the place where I no longer wanted to leave my home and had anxiety when I did.

Dr. Goodman is a gifted and compassionate therapist. She really "heard" me. Together we explored ways in which I could become more active and eat better. She encouraged me to take baby steps and coached me through the whole process of the plan we created together. I am happy to report that I am now doing much better. I am only able to work out in the water it seems, so water it is, three times a week! I love being able and willing to exercise again. I look forward to going to the pool and seeing the new friends I have met there. The movement makes my joints feel better, and this has helped me use much less pain medication. Needless to say, leaving the house is in the rear view mirror now. It took a little time, but I feel like life is worth living again. Dr. Goodman has many tools in her tool box, and they really work! Thank you Dr. Goodman.

-Patricia S.

I am a 45-year-old Business System Analyst, and the last nine months of work have been highly emotionally taxing, causing me to become prone to panic attacks, sleepless nights, underlying depression, and fear about having to end my twenty-year plus career with my company. While I completed five sessions of EAP treatment, I did not see the results I had hoped for and, subsequently, began private therapy with Dr. Goodman. Through our work together over the past several months, I have seen a dramatic decrease in my anxiety and an accompanying increase in my ability to stay present-minded, practice self-acceptance, and discern what I can control through my thoughts and behaviors, and what I can let go of as a function of understanding that so many variables in life are out of my control. While hard at first – and let me tell you, Dr. Goodman makes you work hard – I now feel in greater control of my emotions and my thoughts, and believe I now can use my thoughts to work for me as opposed to against me. Needless to say I am still very much a work-in-progress, but I have been able to stay in my career and am even learning to have better work-life balance, something I had none of before. Of course there is more to work on, but I am thrilled with the progress I have made vis-à-vis Gabriele’s coaching and guidance. Onward and upward! Thanks Dr. G

-Patrick M.

Dr. Goodman is a very knowledgeable and caring healthcare professional. She helped me through a traumatic experience and taught me life skills that I still apply in my every day life. My experience with Dr. Goodman was a very nurturing one in which I felt cared for, comforted, and confident that she always had my best interest at heart. She has impacted my life in a profoundly positive way through her expertise. I feel fortunate to have met Dr. Goodman and received care and guidance from such a kind and intelligent professional.

-Andrew K.

Dr. Goodman is very compassionate, warm and patient. You can tell that she really cares. This was my first session and I was pleasantly surprised about how well it went. I have been living with chronic pain and depression for nine years now and don't have much hope. I left the session feeling so much better than when I came in, so much more hopeful. She is amazing!

-Kristina Z.

"We are forever grateful for finding Dr. Gaby Goodman! She has successfully helped both our girls through periods of darkness. She first helped our older daughter, who was struggling with anxiety/depression. After several months of failed therapy sessions with another therapist, Dr. Goodman was was referred to us. Within a very short period of time, Dr. Goodman was able to get to the root of our daughters anxiety/depression, coaching her through, giving her life skills to help her navigate through stress. She is now thriving!! When later, our younger daughter had a choking episode, leaving her fearful to eat, Dr. Goodman took special care, going way above and beyond helping our daughter overcome her fears of choking. She too is now thriving! Dr. Goodman has left such a positive impact on both our girls. She has such love & care for her patients, helping them, making them feel comfortable and taken care of. She's a true Gem!"

-Susan L.

I've been seeing Dr. Goodman for coaching and general therapy. She's so caring, compassionate and relatable, and I feel completely at ease with her. She's flexible in her approach with me and able to pair her work with my needs which move around from session to session. She works hard to help me discover solutions and alternative paths forward. I wish I'd found her years ago!

-Amy K.

Dr. Goodman, I cannot even begin to thank you for everything you’ve done to help me. Meeting you truly changed my life. Before I worked with you, I was constantly anxious, depressed, and consumed by self-loathing. But now, I have the confidence to look in the mirror and be able to love myself despite all my imperfections. I can control my anxiety far better than I ever had. But most importantly, I’ve gotten to know and accept myself for who I am, all with your help. So thank you for everything, for all the times you’ve been there for me when ai felt no one else was, for listening to my rants, for sharing tools with me, and for all the love and happiness you have brought me.

-Pipa S.

Dr. Goodman has been a God send! I am a chronic pain sufferer and I also suffer from anxiety and depression as a result of multiple surgeries from "on-the-job injuries". Her knowledge, skill set and compassion for her patients is impeccable. Gabriele is absolutely amazing and she cares. I'm not just a number. Dr. Goodman has helped me manage my pain symptoms mentally through therapy, using multiple therapeutic techniques. She is my peace beneath the storm that I weather on a daily basis. She has thought me to fight everyday to live with pain and to enjoy the life that I have been given although I will never be pain free. I look forward to seeing her for every session, and I dont know who or where I'd be without her in my life

- Karen W.

Dr. Goodman came as a guest speaker for our teenage dancers to talk to them about anxiety and performance anxiety. Our objective was to open a conversation with our students about something so many teens today struggle with. Her presentation style was casual and comfortable, and they were engaged and asked great questions. Dr. Goodman was clearly an expert in this topic, and provided information and resources that will be invaluable for those who participated. We sincerely look forward to a relationship with her in the future, and greatly appreciate her sharing her expertise and time with us

-Aimee M.

This past summer 2019 is when Dr. Gabby Goodman came into our lives. My husband and I searched and called several psychologists hoping to find the right psychologist who has the expertise to train people on how to strengthen the mental and emotional skills for competitive sport. Our son is a competitive athletic who struggled with confidence when competing. Dr. Goodman was the answer to our prayers. She truly helped our son to recognize the person he is as a talented, skilled young man with a priceless future ahead of him. Dr Gabby reached our son in a manner that allowed him to see the potential of greatness because of his attitude and the humility that he possesses. She reached him at a time in his life (tough teen yrs 15 -16 yr old) when he didn't quite understand how or where he fit in. Dr. Gabby worked with our son to enable him to understand the importance of building strong mental and emotional skills as an athletic who wants to potentially compete on the college or professional level. Dr. Gabby's was able to reach him in a short time and my family witnessed the change in his attitude and his demeanor when he is competing and his overall life. Dr. Gabby is truly a professional with a personal touch that has made a positive impact in our son's life. We appreciate Dr. Gabby's support, concern, genuine kindness and love that she demonstrated to help our son be the best person we know that he will be as a young adult. Thank you, Dr. Gabby for coming into our lives; we are forever grateful.

-Shell S.

I contacted Dr. Goodman because I was having trouble sleeping. I have struggled with sleep for many years and over time it had gotten to the point where I was experiencing anxiety and feeling as though I could not sleep without the use of sleeping medications. I realized I needed help. From the first time I met with Dr. Goodman I felt her sincerity, genuine concern and commitment to working with me to deal with my sleep issues.

Dr. Goodman is kind, very honest and very perceptive. After meeting for several months, I have found that I now expect to sleep through the night. If I wake up at 4 am instead of stressing and feeling anxious I simply relax and expect to fall back to sleep. This has made a huge difference in my life.

However, in working on my sleep issues, I have made several important discoveries about myself, including a tendency toward negative self- talk as well as a habit of ignoring and minimizing the good things in my life. I have begun to sit with the good and the positive and recognize the negative talk for what it is and what a beautiful and profound difference this has made in my life.

I am so thankful to Dr. Goodman for her guidance and insights and I feel truly blessed to have found her.

~ Steven D.

When I lost my husband to Brain Tumor Cancer, my entire life changed. We married when I was 30 years old, and I never dreamt “until Death do us part “would hit me at 55 years old. As I maneuvered my new path without my soulmate, it was apparent I was not ready for the difficulty of the trail. I have been a scrapper all my life, so I took a deep breath and tried to manage it head on without a game plan other than keep going forward. I started incorporating books, and resources along the way. Eventually, it took a toll on me Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually. I was encouraged to find a counselor to add to my “Wellness Team” as I called them. Like many people, I began an intensive search for an authentic, no BS therapist, that could help me find the tools and resources to incorporate into my life. When I first met with Dr. G, I knew I was in trouble and scared to death. My grief was just the tip of the iceberg as I now was struggling with depression and lost my “fighting spirit” that has served me for 57 years. Dr. G has been a gift from God for me. She is honest, compassionate, and present during our time together. Dr. G has provided a safe and supportive place where I can dive deep into my struggles. She has been patient and offers a variety of exercises and tools to use in my healing. She listens, gives honest feedback, makes me laugh at myself at times, and holds me accountable for my actions in a tough love, no BS way. The assignments she gives me not only challenges me to dig deeper but reflect and integrate tools I am learning to apply to my life. I came to Dr. G when life was slipping away, and I could not stop sliding down, and had lost hope of gaining my footing again. Today, I have restored Faith, Hope, and tools to use along the way. The work I do with Dr. G, has had an indelible impact on my life. She has allowed me to bring my Empowerment forward and find my inner strength again. If I had to do it over again, I should have started with Dr. G in the beginning of my Grief journey. My unsolicited advice, call her, and remember it is a partnership. She cannot help if you do not show up! Do it even if you are scared. You owe this gift of love to yourself.

~Tina F.

"I experienced many life traumas including loss of a parent, divorce, passing of my dogs, a house move and loss of my job. These losses that occurred in a 1.5-year span resulted in anxiety, depression and chronic lack of sleep for months. I met Dr. Goodman for help to navigate through these challenging times. She was a godsend. Resourceful, knowledgeable, caring, upbeat and very easy to work with. She was instrumental in addressing my sleep issues which were causing havoc in my day-to-day life. She educated me on the root cause of my challenges, taught me how to meditate, guided me on how to be grateful, recommended medications that proved very helpful and introduced me to other specialists. As a result, I was able to sleep, got the spring back in my step and became my happy, energized self again. Thank you Dr. G! Overall rating: 5 stars"

~Mark E.

Before meeting Dr. Gabby Goodman. I was a very shy and anxious person who struggled a lot with going to public places, meeting new people, walking around in crowds, and even talking on the phone. I met Dr. Gabby Goodman in 2020 when I was 19 years old and have now been with her for almost two years.

I had begun attending Sonoma State University in 2019. Going to college was something I was looking forward to for the longest time, but throughout the couple of months that I had attended, I struggled with such severe social anxiety that it affected my eating habits because I was too afraid to go to the dining hall to get food, so I just stopped eating much. Also, I would take the longest walking route to get to my classes just to avoid having to interact with or even pass by people. When I could no longer attend classes due to anxiety, I sadly had to take a leave of absence. Thus began my search for my first ever therapist. My parents reached out to many providers trying to find the right fit for e, but to no avail, until we finally found Dr. Gabby.

I remember when my mom first talked to her on the phone. I could hear bits and pieces of their conversation, but I was too nervous to talk directly to her. Dr. Gabby Goodman immediately understood. I remember shaking before my mom and I got to her office, but then as soon as we met her, we were welcomed with open arms. Dr. Gabby is not only the openhearted and accepting, but also very kind, funny, and relatable.

I am very grateful to have met Dr. Gabby Goodman because not only is she my therapist, but she is also my friend. She has helped me in so many ways and I am forever appreciative. She always met meet where I was mentally and emotionally, and used whatever modem of communication (e.g., FaceTime or live) I felt most comfortable with. And during COVID, she has always been there for me. While it is ironic that initially I was even scare to talk on the phone with her, now I look so forward to any kind of appointment I can have with her. She always makes feel way better and I notice how my racing thoughts slow down and I feel at ease.

Through guided meditations, imagery, and hypnosis, we began working on my return back to school. And even in the face of COVID, I did go back to school. Before working with Dr. Gabby, I was so nervous about almost everything, and now I’m just really excited to go back and eat in the dining hall and do things that I was so afraid of before. I was also really nervous to join the Cross-country running team, running being a passion of mine, but she helped encourage me and now I am doing something that I love to do.

Dr. Gabby helped me not only face my fears head on but also has helped me challenge my negative and distorted thoughts instead of accepting them at face value like I had always done. Even though it can be really scary to talk about your feelings or sometimes to even know what you are feeling, it is always nice to have someone to talk to and to help not only calm you down, but also to learn how to slowly turn those negative thoughts into positive ones, and that is what Dr. Gabby Goodman has done. She is not only very kind, but she is also honest in a way that sometimes is hard because sometimes it is easier to not challenge yourself, but she helps with going at your own pace while still allowing for growth and exploration. I am very appreciative and thankful to have met her.

~Zoe B..

Dr. Goodman,

Thank you for your continued support and kindness in our psychology sessions. Your support has been consequential in assisting me to get back on my own two feet. Thank you for creating a safe space for our sessions. Thank you for listening to me and allowing me to express my feelings in a big way. Thank you for crafting supportive sessions that I A) look forward to and B) usually leave me feeling better than when I arrived. Thanks for all the work you do and for helping me feel human again.

~Jack L.

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