What is balance?

What does balance mean to you?

Is it a sense of freedom – how you respond to the natural ebb and flow of life’s joys and challenges? Is it a feeling of resilience– your ability to bounce back and thrive in the face of adversity? An ability to trust your intuition and make sound decisions? An increase in your aptitude for self-awareness and self-expression? Nurturing an ongoing practice in self-compassion and self-care? Finding equilibrium in your personal and professional roles? Developing and sustaining a deeper relationship with your partner, children, co-workers, and/or boss? Or expanding your own sense of control, confidence and esteem across all avenues of life?

The Human Condition is to Want More

Wanting to be happier is part and parcel of being human. So many of us fall victim to the myth that we are some how “not good enough,” that we should be “more than,” that we are fundamentally flawed. We get stuck in the feeling that we are essentially not loveable and we feel a hidden sense of shame and guilt. The tape playing in our head becomes driven by a list of “if only’s.” “If only I was smarter, younger, faster, thinner, better looking, funnier, etc., then I’d be happier, more fulfilled, more loved.”

Unearthing Your Meaning

An alternate way to view our own desire to be happier is that it is a deep drive to find meaning in our lives. Understanding our values and finding meaning in the things we do moves us away from believing that we have to be and do more to allowing ourselves to just be who we fundamentally are – perfect here and now.

What would life look like if you accepted your struggles and imperfections while also embracing your talents, desires, and ambitions? In short, how would you exist in this world if you lived in balance?

Imagine how this radical self-acceptance would impact your personal and professional life, your deep relationships, and your health and well-being.

Acceptance is one of the greatest challenges for many of us, and yet acceptance fosters change. Acceptance allows the struggle to resolve and opens up space for new insights and behavioral changes. This change fosters healthier choices in the way we act and react, and supports the foundation of balance and harmony.

Living your values.

When you allow intention and acceptance to guide your mind, your body listens and responds. When you change your behavior, your emotions will change as well. Your entire experience of life changes when you become more conscious. When you learn to connect to your true self, it becomes easier to face present fears, physical ailments, and underlying unconscious issues. During these times, therapy can help you not only survive, but also find meaning and balance.

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